Flux for de-oxidising degassing and scavenging purpose for cast iron melts. It also remidies the suspended impurities by forming a slag which rises at the top.


Custom blended inoculating agent for cast iron melts. Reduces chilling tendency, improves casting machinability, micro structure & mechanical properties.

A granular flux for slag, coagulation on iron & steel. Available in different grades.

Flexible mould sealing refractory in rope from to prevent metal leakage & fin formation. Available in different diameters.


Core jointing compounds of self drying & oven drying types.

Compounds for sealing gapes between assembled cores & repairing / patching damaged parts of a core. Available in ready to use air drying paste form.

Breakdown additives for moulds / cores bonded by CO2 process. Available in powder & liquid forms.

Different grades of refractory coatings in powder / paste / ready to use suspension form with silica / graphite / magnesite / zircon or mixed refractory. Carrier being either water or spirit.

It is a heat generating and insulating compound in powder form which is applied on surface of the liquid metal in the feeding heads of iron & steel castings.

Thermo ‘P’ serves two purpose :

Firstly, it developes sufficient heat while burning due to exothermic action which delays the freezing & formation of the solid skin on the top of the molten metal.

Secondly,  When Thermo - ‘P’ burns completely, burnt residue acts as a strong insulating cover which prevents heat loss due to radiation and convection from the molten metal. 


The combinded  action of heat generation & then formings a strong insulating cover increases feeding efficiency of the  metal & helps to produce a sound casting. Available in different form like  swelling type & highly exothermic.

A powdered exothermic material which requires no preparation & when placed on the risers of steel casting, produces molten iron & slag at a temperation in excess of 2000OC.  Riser volumes can be reduced & higher yields obtained.

Parting and stripping agent for mould release from mould box. It prevents sand sticking on mould box and help easy stripping. available in suspension form which will be applied by brushing or spraying. 10 to 12 moulds can be made in one application. Available in 10 to 12 liters drum or container.


Lad cov is an effective ladle and tundish cover powder for insulating molten steel and iron which is an effective means of ensuring that a minimum superheat necessary is used to ensure a smooth casting operation by  preventing radiant heat losses from the surface of the steel melt. This is a very effective heat preserver.

Useful casting aid for bottom poured steel industry.


  • Reduce non metallic inclusion
  • Increases degree of purity
  • Prevents the formation of skul and surface cracks
  • Increases output in sound ingot weight
  • Reduces cost of ingot dressing
  • Saves the expense of mould-washes

Blended refectory granules used in the nozzle of the ladle slide grate system. If give minimum 90% free opening. Available in different grades. 


Metwel’s exothermic ladle additives are used to introduce various elements in the ladle without the loss of temperature. Small grain size ensures more accurate percentage of elements than direct charge of  ferro alloys.

METWEL’S ladle additives are placed at the bottom of the ladle and molten metal is run. The most vital requisite for uniform recovery of alloy from metwel’s exo-addition is iron at high temperature. Addition can be done in the cupola spout. Where the temperature is the highest.

METWEL’S following exothermic ladle additives are available :

  • SIL –ADD :- It will improve machinability and reduce hardness .
  • CHROM-ADD:-  It will increase strength hardness and heat resistance as chromium forms stable carbide of chromium and iron by de-composition of combined carbon.
  • MANG – ADD :-  The best effect of manganese is to neutralise harmful effect of sulphur. It also de-oxidises molten iron and improves fluidity.
  • Phos - Add: It will increase the fluidity and wear resistance.
  • Moly - Add : It improves tensile strength resistance to wear and abrasion.
Apart from these, Metwel supply mixture of alloys, as per customer's requirement for graded castings.
Available in packets. Bulk supply can be also available as per customer's requirement.